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Your personal trainer in lanzarote

I am waiting for you in Arrecife. Let's train together!

I am your personal trainer.

If you live in Lanzarote, come to Arrecife to train with me.

Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass you can count on me. My years in bodybuilding have allowed me to create unique training methods that achieve visible results in the shortest possible time.

Kelvin Cristian Gabriel Sub-Champion of the Spanish Cup.

the best service at the best price

Classroom Training

Arrecife Sport Gym
  • Weight training sessions with me
  • I will teach you advanced bodybuilding techniques and methods to achieve rapid progress.
  • Correction of posture when executing the exercises
  • Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat
  • You will have my full attention and support at all times.

Proven results

Where to find me?

I am in the Arrecife Sport Gym in Tofio Street Number 1.